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Disclaimer: Cussing is included, so please be warned! No spoilers! Enjoy!

“Dean you better be coming down those stairs in something better than jeans and a plaid shirt, so help me!” You called out as you helped Bobby straighten his shirt. You smiled as the old man scowled at you, putting his ragged and old hat back on and messing up his combed hair.

“__________, is this really necessary?” You looked at him in disbelief.

“What do you mean, Bobby?”

“I’m talkin’ about this family picture idea. There’s no point ‘a doin’ it.” You smiled at him as if he were being ridiculous, which he really was.

“Bobby, we may be a group of hunters that don’t share blood, but we’re still family. You even said it yourself. Besides, I have to have something to remember your stubborn ass by.” Bobby smirked as he shook his head at you.

“Now,” You said as you began to tidy up the place before the professional photographer came, “Can you please find out what is taking those Winchesters so long? Tardiness is not ideal.” The old man laughed and kissed the top of your (h/c) hair before heading up the stairs to yell at the boys for you.

You smiled to yourself as you walked into Bobby’s rickety, old kitchen and grabbed yourself a nice, cold drink, thinking back a bit. You had known Bobby for some years now and the boys only a few months, but you already felt like family. It was rare to do anything but hunt with the guys, it felt nice to do something else for a change.

There was a slight problem, you couldn’t remember anything before meeting Bobby. It was as if it was a blank slate that had been easily erased. Out of sight, out of mind was the phrase that struck you. All you knew was Bobby had found you on the side of a road a couple of miles away from here and he took care of you, acting like a true father. Three years later, only one name came to you; Gavin. Soon you began to remember bits and pieces of an older brother, but you couldn’t remember anything else

You did remember how last night Sam and Dean came running into Bobby’s house like a Wendigo was on their trail and was yelling almost at the top of their lungs what the emergency was. You grinned at the boys and said there was going to be a family picture tomorrow and you needed them to be there. Then you turned to Castiel who seemed to appear out of nowhere and told him that he was expected to be there as well. You smiled as you remembered the flush on his beautiful, pale face as he looked at you. That reminded you…

“Cas, if you can hear me, you better be ready for the picture.” A flutter of wings made you turn to see the wonderful angel in his tan trench coat and his dark suit that suited his beautiful blue eyes. Castiel looked at you and smiled shyly, making you shudder with giddiness.

The two of you had been having a thing for the past couple months and hadn’t let any of the guys know about it. Whenever Sam and Dean had been working their own jobs with Cas and forced you to stay behind at the hotel, you often got bored. So, every time Cas disappeared in the middle of a fight and was found next to you in the motel room, well, he often blamed Heaven for the intrusion. Now, Dean considered angels “dickless flying monkeys” and you got your angel.

Now that he was there in front of you, it felt almost like a dream. Lovingly, you wrapped your arms around Castiel’s neck and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I missed you,” You purred as you played with your angel’s dark hair. Cas smiled and kissed you again, this time more deeply. You matched his passion quickly and moaned as he wrapped your legs around him, pushing you up against the kitchen wall behind you. Cas held your wrist tight above your head as you ran  your hands around his waist and pulled him close, his tongue exploring your mouth less awkwardly than before and more heated.

Almost too soon, you pulled away from Cas and took a deep breath as the both of you smiled at each other.

“We shouldn’t see each other for a week more often.”

“Do not suggest a hell like that.” You laughed and touched the angel’s lips with the tips of your fingers, allowing him to caress the back of your neck gently.

“Well, it’s about damn time!” You turned your head quickly to the sound of a deep, husky voice and grumbled. There in the kitchen doorway stood Bobby, Sam, and Dean, all of which looked at you. Bobby frowned at you deeply as Sam looked surprised with his mouth hanging open, and Dean, well, was Dean; he looked at the both of you with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Man, I was getting tired of those long side-ways glances and the romantic crap.” He said. You shook your head as you unwound yourself from Cas and watched a flush form on the angel at being caught. Suddenly, your good mood was gone as you frowned at Dean.

“Well, nice to know you decided to wear trash to our family picture.” You said as you scowled at his greasy plaid shirt and blood stained jeans. He smirked at you.

“No way am I wearing a suit, sweetheart.”

“I didn’t even say you HAD to.”

“It’s an expression!” You sighed in frustration.

“The things I do for this family.” You said as you stormed off to your bedroom with Dean calling after you, “We’re not even family!” When you were out of sight, it was silent as Sam and Bobby glowered at Dean.

“Idjit,” Bobby said, smacking the back of Dean’s head.


“You just had to go and rain on her parade, didn’ ya.”

“Hey, the girl’s nice, but I am done with putting up with her.”

“Dean, what did __________ ever do to you?” Sam asked as he looked at his older brother in disbelief. Dean just shrugged and made his way towards the stairs.

“You want me to apologize? Fine! If it’ll get you guys to stop breathing down my neck.” Before he made it to the base of the stairs, Castiel appeared before him and stopped him in his tracks.

“Do not think I will let you anywhere near __________ after the way you treated her.”

“Cas, just move.”

“No, Dean, Cas is right.” Sam said as he pulled his brother away from the angel, more afraid that Cas might smite Dean than Dean punching him.

“What did that poor girl ever do to you?”

“You want an answer? Fine! She reminds me of mom!” Dean yelled. The three men looked at the older Winchester in astonishment and sorrow. They all understood that Dean had always had a special place in his heart for his mother, since he was about the only one to have a real relationship with her. They watched as Dean went through woman after woman, pretending to might actually love them when, in reality, he was looking for a woman that reminded him of his mom. He wanted someone to hold him when he was hurt, made sure he laughed and smiled every day, did everything that his mother would have done but also love him as a lover.

Now Dean had found someone exactly what he wanted, but __________ belonged to Castiel, and there wasn’t anything he could do. Soon, Bobby was the first to speak up.

“Well, boohoo princess. So she can’t be your woman? So she’s just what you’ve wanted? That don’t give you the right to mistreat her because she and Cas are together. Now you get your ass up those stairs and apologize sincerely before that photographer __________ hired gets here. And change your clothes, while you’re at it. They smell like Demon blood.” Sam flinched at the last comment, but pulled Cas into the kitchen with Bobby so they could have “the talk” as Dean sighed sadly and made his way to your room.

When he reached your door, he looked through the crack of your door and saw you sitting at the edge of your bed. You seemed to be talking to someone, but no one was there, so he stood there, listening to what you had to say.

“Hey Mom, Dad. I know it’s been a while since we talked, but this is actually going to be the last time we do. You see, I’ve got a family now. They don’t do what we would used to, like go out to the movies or throw dinner parties, or take family pictures, but it’s still perfect. I bet you’ve met Castiel a couple times, so I hope you like him. Bobby is a lot like Dad, with all his researching and his infinite knowledge of, well, everything! Sam reminds me of Uncle Dex; he’s nice and kind and really cares about everyone and tries to get rid of conflict. And then there’s Dean…” You sighed and buried your face in your hands. “Dean is a lot like Gavin. He’s such a great big brother, annoying as hell, but he’s always someone you can count on. I don’t mind that he annoys me, it actually makes me feel good, because I…I feel like Gavin is alive somehow. God, if Gavin is really up there, I hope he heard what I said. Just let mom, dad, and Gavin know that I’m happy again, and I love my family.”

You cried quietly as you said goodbye to your parents, especially when you said goodbye to Gavin. You didn’t know if he was anywhere where he’d hear you, but it felt good to justify your new family. They weren’t perfect, far from it, but they loved you for you and you loved all of them and that was good enough.

“:__________?” You looked up and wiped stray tears away as you watched Dean take a seat next to you on your bed.

“Dean! Sorry, if I’d known you were coming up…” Dean shook his head and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a big hug. You cried as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, feeling so small and fragile in Dean’s arms yet you had never felt stronger.

“I’m really sorry.”

“What for?”

“For being a dick, for annoying you to hell and back…for your parents.” You nodded and quickly forgave him. “_________, who’s Gavin?” You choked back a sob at the mention of his name.

“Gavin was my big brother, my idol. He was the most sweetest guy you’d ever met; he was friends with everyone, he knew everyone, and he always made people feel special. You’re kind of like him in a lot of ways.”

“What happened to him?” You gulped and pulled back, looking Dean deep in his illustrious, green eyes.

“He killed himself. At least, that’s what I was told.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. Anyway, I accept your apology, so can you PLEASE change into decent clothes?” Dean smiled and kissed the top of your head.

“Of course. Before I do, I’ve got a question for you.” You nodded. “Would it be weird if I…if I call you my little sister?” You laughed.

“I actually do not find that creepy. It has a nice ring to it.”

“Great!” Dean said as he pulled you back into a big hug.

“__________! Dean! You better get down here quick! There’s someone pulling up and it doesn’t look like they’re selling cookies!” Bobby called up the stairs after a moment. You smiled and walked down the stairs just as a man in a black suit appeared down stairs, causing panic among Sam, Bobby, and Cas.

“Hello, darlings. Fancy seeing you here.” The man said, his accent was similar to a Scottish one, making you realize that you recognized it. Sam held a knife in his hand and looked at the man in terror.

“Crowley, what are you doing here?” The man smirked.

“I’m here for the family picture, of course. It wouldn’t be one without __________’s father, now would it?” The man, Crowley, said as he tilted his head mockingly. Then you watched as he quickly turned around and faced you, smiling at you pleasantly. “__________, darling, it’s been a while.”

“Do I know you?” Crowley frowned a bit, but realization struck him.

“Ah, yes, that bump to the head would’ve made anyone forget who they were.”

“Bump to the head?” Castiel said as he took his place by your side and wrapped an arm around your waist, allowing you to lay your head on him. Crowley frowned at your intimate relationship with an angel and his enemy, by brushed it aside.

“In a manner of speaking. You see, your little flying monkey brothers stole my precious __________ from me a couple hundred years ago and tortured her for information about me. Loyal as she was, she never spoke a word against me. You see, that’s why she’s my favorite.”

“What about your son?” Sam asked. Crowley scowled.

“That little bastard? I loathe that creature. Never had any potential, not like __________ here.” He said as he smiled at you again. It made you shudder a bit, but you couldn’t help but feel warmed by the gesture.

“I’m sorry, but I still don’t remember.” Crowley shrugged.

“Well, this is all very West Side Story, but let’s get this over with.” Crowley said as a knock came from the front door. Bobby answered and showed the photographer into the living room just as Dean came down the stairs and stopped in his tracks, looking at Crowley.
“What the hell is he doing here?”

“So the Hardy Boy decided to show up. Took you long enough.” Crowley answered as he took his place beside you and placed a hand gently on your back. You shivered. “Don’t worry, love, I won’t let anything happen to you again.”

“Crowley,” Cas growled as he stood on the other side of you, glaring at the King of Hell very angelically. Crowley backed off a bit, but decided to take your arm in his as Castiel wrapped his arm around your waist. The photographer placed Castiel on the right end, then you, Crowley, Sam in the middle, Dean, and Bobby.

“Smile for the camera, Moose.” Crowley smiled just as the camera flashed brightly, quickly filling you with a sense of completion. It didn’t matter to you that your new family wasn’t perfect, you were just happy to be loved.
So this little bit includes some Castiel x Reader, but it also includes a bonding scene with Dean! Be warned, Crowley just might crash the party Giggle 

I do not own the rights to Supernatural or any of the characters.

Love all you readers! Please tell me what you think! Free Rainbow Kitty Lick Icon 
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